10 great MMA fighters who have never won a UFC title … yet

10 of the best fighters to never win a UFC title.

The UFC is full of all-time greats. Conor McGregor, Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, Georges St.-Pierre, and Daniel Cormier are just a few examples of fighters who held gold during their respective careers with the promotion. Their legacies are cemented in MMA history, as they will always be remembered for their incredible championship reigns and the ways in which they captivated fans from all across the world, regardless of the era that they were part of.

On the flip side, though, there are fighters that had stellar careers but could never hold a title. Some examples are Donald Cerrone, Thiago Alves, Cat Zingano, and Melvin Manhoef. Each of these fighters either was in title contention or fought for a belt but came up short. While a belt is an over-arching goal, sometimes fighters are remembered for their individual bouts and not if they didn’t win a title. There are various ways to leave a mark on the sport, whether it may be in broadcasting, advocacy, or simply down to accept a fight against anyone or at any time. Regardless of the criteria, the fighters mentioned have done a little bit of everything during their time within the sport.

While the proceeding list may be a bit controversial, there is a bit of thought that was taken into account. This list has some variety, and while surprising to some, older MMA fans will surely have some appreciation for a few of the choices.