Taylor Guardado explains the origins of her walkout song for title fight

Taylor Guardado explains the origins of the planned walkout song for her PFL featherweight world title fight against Kayla Harrison.

Just four fights into her professional career, PFL featherweight Taylor Guardado has managed to take the league by storm and earn a spot in this year’s PFL Finals against the defending champion Kayla Harrison.

But, Guardado isn’t fully buying into the aura surrounding Harrison’s dominance in the cage.

Guardado has looked impressive with three straight wins during her first PFL season, including a semifinal victory over Mariana Morais by split-decision. Despite being relatively unknown to the general MMA fanbase, Guardado manifested being in this position, even when it comes to her walkout music.

“I always knew [Kayla Harrison] was going to get to the finals,” Guardado told FanSided’s Amy Kaplan. “As soon as I got to the PFL, I told my brother-in-law that I was going to fight her in the finals, and I was going to walk out to ‘No Church in the Wild’ by Jay-Z.

“I feel like everyone looks at her like a goddess, and in the lyrics, it says ‘what’s a god to a non-believer?’”

Guardado began her MMA career in Invicta FC,  where she won two out of three fights with the promotion including back-to-back wins over Serena DeJesus and Claire Guthrie. She also has a win over UFC veteran Ashlee Evans-Smith during her time in the amateur ranks.

Taylor Guardado has made the most of her first season in the PFL

Guardado is confident in her abilities heading into her title fight with Harrison, but that can be easier said than done against the defending featherweight champion. Harrison has looked virtually unbeatable once again this season with three straight finishes.

If Guardado can pull off the upset over Harrison in the PFL Finals, it would be arguably the biggest upset in the league’s young history. But to Guardado, this was the plan all along.